How To Enable SSH In Retropie

SSH is no longer enabled by default in Retropie. Follow our guide below to turn on SSH in your Retropie setup. Check out our post on Retropie USB Games Controllers.

RetroPie Parts List

Raspberry PI 3 Model BAvailable Here(The Main Computer)
Custom Cooling CaseAvailable Here(Fanless Cooling Case)
Micro SD CardAvailable Here(Minimum of 8GB)
Power SupplyAvailable Here(Minimum 5V 2.5A)
Game ControllerAvailable Here(Awesome Controller)

Enabling SSH In RetroPie

NostalgiaTechs:~ Station$ ssh pi@retropie.local
ssh: connect to host retropie.local port 22: Connection refused

First, we need to enable SSH in the Raspi-Config settings. To do this go into the Retropie configuration menu and select Raspi-Config.

Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie Raspi-Config

Next, we need to select “interfacing options” from the menu and then SSH.

Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie Interfacing Options
SSH Enable Retropie

Once in the SSH options. Change the selection to “Yes” to enable SSH in Retropie.

Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie SSH Enable Retropie Choice

Next press “OK” and then “Finish” to return to Emulation station.

Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie SSH Enable Confirm
Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie SSH Enable Finish

Lastly, we need to reboot the raspberry pi for our changes to take effect. To do this press start on your controller and then select “Quit” from the menu. Then select “Restart System” from the options to reboot Retropie.

Enable SSH Retropie - Retropie System Restart

Once rebooted you should now be able to SSH into Retropie. Check out our other posts here on retropie controllers and  checking temperature in retropie and checking performance with htop in retropie to see how your retropie system is running.