Fixing Retropie Overscan

When first installing Retorpie, on some displays black bars may be present around the screen. This is called cropping and is easy to remove by disabling overscan.

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RetroPie Parts List

Raspberry PI 3 Model BAvailable Here(The Main Computer)
Custom Cooling CaseAvailable Here(Fanless Cooling Case)
Micro SD CardAvailable Here(Minimum of 8GB)
Power SupplyAvailable Here(Minimum 5V 2.5A)
Game ControllerAvailable Here(Awesome Controller)

Removing The Black Bars

Retropie Config

First, enter the Retropie Config menu and select Raspi-Config.


Next enter the advanced options and select overscan.

Retropie Advanced Options
Retropie Overscan

Then select “No” to disable overscan. This will remove the black bars on all sides of the display.

Retropie Disable Overscan
Retropie Overscan Disabled

Once disabled you will be asked to reboot. Select yes to complete the process.

Retropie Finish Overscan
Fix Retropie Overscan - Retropie Reboot

You have now successfully removed the crop and disabled overscan in Retropie. You can also check out our guides on checking temperature with retropie and retropie controllers.